Expand your capabilities.

Partner Up.

One firm cannot be all things to all clients. Recognizing this, we focus on what we are experts in – and that is tax credits and incentives.

We partner with you, CPA firms of all sizes, allowing you to provide more value to your clients. You focus on compliance, we focus all aspects of tax credits, and together we all work together toward the same end result: to minimize taxes for our clients.

Offer your clients more value

with more solutions.

Effective process

drives outstanding results

Identify tax credit candidates.

As the CPA, you know whether your clients need to leverage tax credits opportunities. Let us make you the hero by handling the back office work in identifying these credits for your clients.

Request, accumulate and analyze business, tax and employee info.

We handle 100% of the work involved in analyzing your clients’ businesses and workforce, filtering and identifying potential tax credits, and gathering all necessary information. We take care of everything relating to the potential credits, from start to finish.

Deliver a comprehensive tax credit output.

We provide a comprehensive summary of all tax credits identified, along with supporting schedules and documents, ready for you to input into your clients’ tax returns. We do all of the work, and you get the credit for your clients’ tax savings!

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